The only home delivery meal service and bakery that offers freedom from gluten, sugar and dairy.

The ultimate in health, energy and balance

Simple Clean Food Plan is a way of life that will develop an unshakable foundation of eating and maximize the physical, mental and emotional state of being. Simple Clean Food Plan is a Los Angeles based, home delivery meal service and bakery, offering a back to basics way of life, designed to reduce cravings, maximize energy levels and build a lean body. Simple Clean Food Plan is the home delivery meal service designed for those who have better things to do than shop, prepare food and count calories.


Let’s face it we get out of our bodies

what we put into our bodies.

The bottom Line, there is nothing better for your body then some consistent love and nurturing.  And for most of us, the discipline of preparing something balanced and healthy every day is not happening.  The frustration of buying the best groceries only to watch them go bad is heartbreaking, not to mention the time and energy it takes. I have developed a meal service that offers a back to basics lifestyle, free from sugar, gluten and dairy. Simple Clean Food Plan delivers a foundation of eating that prevents the vicious yo-yo diet cycle from which many of us have suffered. It provides a steady stream of vitamins and nutrients that are natural, unprocessed and locally made every day. Simple Clean Food Plan is the home delivery meal service that let’s you eat and maintain consistent energy levels all day. It’s the way of life that has served millions of folks for thousands of years. I encourage everyone to open their minds to the fact that we might need just three simple things to live long and healthy lives.











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